about: the fish poster

Put simply, the aim is: eat every fish on ‘the fish poster’.


For me seafood conjures the memory of fish ‘n’ chips and the ubiquitous poster with all the fishes on the wall. The poster itself is an abstract idea, a marker in the sand, and a starting point. At once it becomes obvious this is a cooking blog, but eating fish is contentious, political. Where do fish come from? How many are there? Who makes the fish poster? Is there more than one poster? What’s better: Kedgeree or Teriyaki Tarakihi? Which fish are flaky, and which are firm? Hey, some of the creatures on the poster aren’t even fish!

I go fishing occasionally, but have only the wateriest knowledge of the pursuit. I eat fish, but I can count the variety on one hand. All this seems a pity, living in a city squooshed between two harbours, way out in a big blue ocean. So let’s get started..


One thought on “about: the fish poster

  1. John Woolcott says:

    I’m really enjoying this exploit, Tom. Not normally a big fish eater myself but you are certianly making it look good and tasty. Keep up the adventure.

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